Unique Adventures That Are Fun to Try With Friends

Looking for a unique adventure to mix things up with your friends or family?

Do you have a group outing to organize with coworkers or a small group?

I’m sharing activities and adventures that are fun for groups to try and a great way to mix things up.

Class Axe Throwing 1

Try Ax Throwing

Safer than you would anticipate and definitely more FUN, ax throwing is a great activity for groups. Depending on your group size you can use more than one lane.

You’ll have an instructor helping throw safely and helping you get your correct form as you compete against others in your group on a quest to hit the bullseye or other targets depending on the game.


Take an Intro to Curling Workshop

An Olympic sport that’s actually attainable, curling is the fusion of the best parts of bowling and shuffleboard..and they allow drinks on the ice.

An Intro to Curling class is the perfect way for you to get a taste of the experience that might lead to you joining a league.

O Pie O

Take A Food Tour

Do you struggle with deciding where you want to go out to eat as a group?

A food tour allows you to sample what local restaurants are known for, learn more about the story behind the food or restaurant, and discover which places that you might want to return to.

A food tour typically lasts a few hours and stops at 4 or more locations with local history shared in between stops.

Henke Winery 18 e1479649895294

Take a Brewery/Winery/Distillery Tour

The same concept for a food tour only this time you are focusing on local spirits, wine, and brews. Spend the day or evening sampling the best of the city and leave the driving to the tour guide.

The Escape Game Cincinnati

Breakout of an Escape Room

An escape room is a fun adventure that brings to the surface different types of personalities.

Some are good at math, others are great at puzzles, some are curious, but you all come together to figure out the clues and solve the puzzles to escape from your room in 1 hour or less.


Take a Segway Tour

Don’t let the reflective vest and helmet keep you from this fun adventure, nerdy has never been so cool.

A guided segway tour is a great way to experience the city with a new perspective….and riding a Segway is just really FUN!

duckpin bowling

Go Duckpin Bowling

Similar to traditional bowling but with smaller balls that weigh under 4 pounds without finger holds so that you can hold the ball in one hand.

The bowling pins are attached to strings and bowlers get 3 rolls per frame. Duckpin bowling is a great adventure that’s pretty laid back and easier to play for all ages and abilities.

Top Golf 18

Play a Round at Topgolf

The best part of golf minus the cart, Topgolf allows you to experience golf in a casual environment that can be as competitive as you choose.

Players have different games and difficulty levels to choose from as you try to hit the target… and Topgolf has fantastic food options to enjoy served at your bay while you are waiting for your turn.


Try Combat Archery

Discover your inner Katniss while competing against each other with square foam tipped arrows. Combat archery mixes things up and it’s definitely a work out.

You will sweat so dress accordingly. I recommend workout clothing so that you can effectivly squat and hide while strategizing against your opponant.

Dart Rush Indoor Nerf Arena

Nerf War At Foam Warriorz

Nerf Wars aren’t just for kids. Bring your own Nerf gun or rent one and challenge your friends to an epic Nerf War at Dart Rush.

During a session, you will play several games led by a referee so if you get out by a nerf bullet, rest up and you will be back in the game in no time. Similar to combat archery, you will work up a sweat so dress accordingly.

Get Air Trampoline Park 11 e1474302799318

Jump at a Trampoline Park

Show off your old moves or attempt a new one at a trampoline park.

You can bounce, challenge your friends to a game of dodgeball, show off your dunking skills, attempt a ninja skill or try a new trick in the foam pit.

inflatable obstacle course on the water e1533068755715

Challenge Yourself on a Water Obstacle Course

The wipe outs are epic and so the fun. A water obstacle course is the great equlizer because everyone will wipe out eventually.

The life jackets will keep you afloat and you will burn extra calories with all of the laughs. You can always relax for a while on the beach or in the water on a float before you make another run on the course.

kayak rental at Mill Creek Lake

Spend Time Outdoors on a Canoe/ Kayak or Raft on the River

A relaxing adventure that can be modified for your preference.

For less frustration, I recommend opting for a kayak over a canoe. If you want to be even more leisurely opt for a raft to float on or take it to the extreme by going white water rafting.

Brewed on the Bikeway

Go for a Group Bike Ride

Take a relaxing ride and enjoy the outdoors at a leisurely pace. Find a bike trail where you can also rent so that everyone in your group can participate.

To make it more interesting select a few stops along the way ahead of time to stop for a meal or drink….and enjoy that appetizer or beer because you earned it.

boy ziplining Beanstalk Zip Line Journey at Catawba Meadows Park

YouTube video

Try Geocaching

A modern-day scavenger hunt, geocaching uses your smartphone and sense of adventure. Use the coordinates to find a cache.

There are more than 2.5 million active geocaches in the US located in both nature and urban settings so your odds are good that you find one near you.

painting with a twist

Take a Group Painting Class

You don’t have to be an expert artist to try a group painting class. The instructor will take you through the process step by step to help you create your own unique version of a painting.

Many of these classes allow you to bring wine which helps people relax (especially perfectionists) and also helps make your masterpiece look even better.

IMG 7075

Take a Cooking Class

This is pretty much the only way that I enjoy cooking because it’s social and I’m less likely to screw it up with a professional nearby.

Cooking classes are fun for novices and foodies and if you are really inspired you can attempt to recreate your meal at another time together.

tree climbing

Go Extreme Tree Climbing

Feel like a kid again by climbing a tree but this time enjoy the experience with the security of a harness.

Challenge your group to reach the top or play a version of capture the flag under the guidance of the pros. The hammocks are also a nice reward for making the climb up.

aerial yoga

Try a Random Exercise Class

If your group enjoys active adventures, try a new exercise class or activity to mix things up. Share the experience for the first time together and let go of the need to be great at something during your first time.

Aerial Yoga is a great way to mix it up if you are used to regular yoga and it’s WAY more FUN!  Cocooning and swinging in the silk will make you wish that the class never had to end.

Go Ziplining

Face your fears and experience a taste of flight as you soar above the ground. A great way to enjoy the outdoors, experience a rush of adrenaline, and bond with your group.

Full Throttle Indoor Karting13 e1569790115294

Race Go Karts

Fulfill your need for speed by racing your group around the track in a go kart. With speeds up to 40 mph for adult karts, you get a rush that’s way more fun than rush hour.

Foot golf Shawnee Lookout Park

Play FootGolf

Mix up a traditional game of golf by using your feet instead. Footgolf uses a soccer ball instead of a golf ball and you swing your foot instead of a golf club.

The holes are larger for the ball and it’s a great workout…just keep your ball out of the woods.

Now that you have lots of ideas to choose from it’s time to plan your adventure!

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